Luna Stage
Mona Hennessy and Rachel Black-Spaulding in Vita and Virginia, 2012. (Photo Credit Steven Lawler)

Current Luna Luminaries

Since the birth of western civilization, leading civic figures have understood their role in supporting the theatre and the work of the playwrights that enrich our lives by illuminating our humanity. The Board of Trustees would like to thank all of the individuals, corporations, and foundations who have kept faith in the practice of this 2000-year-old tradition by supporting Luna Stage and our work.

This list acknowledges donations for the past year as well as our New Founders. It is current as of January 24, 2018. Apologies to anyone inadvertently omitted.

Major Corporate and Foundation Support Provided by:

The Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation
The Shubert Foundation
The Whitehill Foundation
Lawrence Kantor, Inc.
Valley National Bank

Producing Angels & New Founders

Bonnie and Michael Carter
The Bob Cole Family Fund
Charlotte McKim
Cheryl Katz
Frankie Faison
Jane Mandel
Jill and William Slattery
John Lewis
Leslie Duval and Jonathan Kantor
Lynn and Lowell Jacobs
Mona Hennessy and Mariano Rey
R. Jonathan Cobb and Suzzanne Douglas
Rita and Terry Woodard


Andre Braugher and Ami Brabson-Braugher
William Slattery
Faith and Gary Taylor
The Whitehill Foundation


Claire and Elliot Asarnow
Celia Triggs Honohan
Joel Isaacson
David and Rachel Black Spaulding
Daniel Sugarman
Alexander Woodard


Loida Lewis
Diana Lunin
Patrick Morrissy
John Lewis


David Ascher
Carylmead Eggleston
Amy Giles
Anthony Kastanas
Mark Kessler
Karen M. Lundry
Othell Miller
Deepa Nayak
Bethany Rabinowitz
Dennis Roth
Doris and Jeffrey Spector
Gail Szenes
Cathy Templesman
Vincent Toye
Melissa Walker


Helena Axelrod
Barbara Beise
Ottilie Bello
Debbi Bernstein
David Bessey
Bette Bland
Karen Bonislawski
Ruthi Byrne
Donald Calliste
Sue and Bill Cofone
Cheryl Crawford
Peter Cullen
Danielle and Bradley Dazulma
Marie Della Pella
Robbie Drossner
Deborah Duane Lerner and Daniel Duane Household
Zia Durrani
Susan Ebner
Robert Einstein
Brian K Elam
Marcia Eskin
Amy Estes
Phoebe Farber
Barbara J Ferguson
Susan FitzGibbon
Margaret Fogel
Ithamar Francois
Janet Gallagher
Craig Garcia
PayPal Giving Fund
Caroline Glass
Henry Glass
Ted and Jo Gora
Robin Gordon
Susan Gorman
Michelle Granados
Laura Greenwald
Maryanne Grycan
Zane Haight
Marsh Hanson
Barbara Hauser
Geremia Helou
Linda James
Rozalyn Janowski
Jerome Jennings
Lorna Johnson
Larry and Judith Kantor Household
Arden Kass
Ilene Klein
Jonathan Kohn
Arnold Koster
Ina Labiner
Deb Lagaho
Heather Lambert
Peter Leepson
Barry Levin
Nicholas Lewis
Lucy A. Loux
Bernard Lysinger
Kenneth Mandel
Donna Mattson
David McGowan
Joyce Michaelson
Charles Michelet
Beverly Moore
Yolanda Murphy
Dian Nash
Anna Nelson
Kelly Oates
Connie OKeefe
Dick and Sara Olson
Adelaide Palmer
Freda Peters
Bonnie Quern
Amber Randolph
Leila Reduque Household
Eugene Reynolds
Judith and Donald Richards
Robert Rinklin
Martha and Michael Rohr
Maria Rost
Linda Russell
Laura W. Sacks
Alan Saltzman
Jose Sarmiento
Melissa Schaffer
Amanda Selwyn
Nancy Shaheen
Yael Silverberg-Urian
Robert Singer
Rickey Slezak
Diana Smith
Edith Solimine
Montclair State University
Cakiyyah Stewart
Steven Strickland
Terri Suess
Jane and Harvey Susswein
Gerald Sweeney
Tanya Swift
Raj Tahil
Jan Taylor
Siobhan Teare
Susan and Jules Titelbaum
William Vaughan
Jerry Warshaw
Richard White
Kathryn Whitley
Voncille Wratee
Al-asaad Wright
Rita Yohalem
Ruth Zamoyta
Jill Zimmer

Upcoming Calendar

Nov 29 - Dec 9, 2018

by Camilo Almonacid

Jan 31 - Feb 24, 2019

by Christina Gorman

Apr 4 - Apr 28, 2019

by Gabriel Jason Dean