The New Moon Reading Series at Luna Stage

There is an old adage in theater that playwrights never know what they have until they put it in front of an audience. Reading plays that are still in development is a crucial step in the evolution of a play and a unique opportunity for audiences to experience and participate in the process a playwright goes through to bring a play to its next draft.

Come join us on the second Monday of every month and offer your perspective as we provide a playwright a safe and supportive environment in which to hear their play read aloud. Every reading is followed by a talkback with the playwright. Come early for refreshments and stay afterwards for the conversation!

New Moon Reading Series

June 14 and June 20 at 7:30pm

A Special New Moon Reading

A New Play by Ruth Zamoyta

Two Performances:
Thursday, June 14 at 7:30pm and
Wednesday, June 20 at 7:30pm

Aides feed strangers, tend to their wounds, and change their diapers. Immigrants leave their children so they can provide. Mothers raise daughters, daughters raise granddaughters, and daughters help mothers die. The Caregivers is a moving and provocative look at two women in a prism of caregiving, making unconventional decisions in the name of love and mercy.

What do you mean by "play reading"? What can I expect?
A "reading" is simply a performance that is not memorized and which has been rehearsed for a short time. The actors sit or stand at music stands and read from scripts. There are no costumes, sets, music, or lighting design: just you, the actors, and the text. At Luna, we do readings of plays that are still in the process of being written. A playwright and a director cast professional actors and rehearse with them for 4 hours on the same day that you come to the reading.

What is the talkback with the playwright? How do I participate?
The talkback is a discussion that happens immediately after the reading. Often the playwright will have questions in mind, and they will ask the audience to share their opinions. We encourage you to share your thoughts! Remember that everyone has their own taste, and that no play will be the favorite of every person - rather, we encourage you to think about what the playwright might be trying to achieve with their play and what you can offer that might help them to achieve it.

What kinds of plays does Luna read in its series?
All kinds! We try to provide you with the broadest range of experiences possible: a range of different writers, exploring many different topics, in many different styles. Luna reads plays in all stages of development, from the "beautiful mess" of early drafts, to more polished later drafts. In all cases, the playwright is still actively working on the script. Sometimes it is only by reading in front of an audience that a playwright discovers what their play is trying to say. Sometimes you might be in the audience when that magic happens!

Plays in development are still grappling with unknowns - some part or parts of the play that don't yet "work" in the way the playwright intends. We think being an audience for a play in development is exciting because the audience's reflections on a script have a great ability to affect how the script grows and changes. Some plays read at Luna Stage go on to be produced on our mainstage or at other theaters across the country. Luna audiences can feel proud of their role in shaping those plays on their journey.

No reservations necessary. $5 suggested donation at the door.

Upcoming Calendar

June 14 and June 20 at 7:30pm

New Moon Reading Series
A New Play by Ruth Zamoyta

October 4 - October 28, 2018

by J. Stephen Brantley

November 29 - December 16, 2018

by Camilo Almonacid

January 31 - February 24, 2019

by Christina Gorman

April 4 - April 28, 2019

by Gabriel Jason Dean